Pinot Nero

Trentino DOC

The Avisiane Hills offer the ideal substrate for Pinot Nero. In addition to drying the grapes perfectly, the northern winds that descend along the Adige Valley produce strong variations in temperature that allow the grapes to develop their main aromas.
With a deep garnet colour, Pinot Nero Ritratti is particularly pleasant on the nose with floral, fruity and earthy notes. It is lively and enveloping on the palate, with hints of alcohol-soaked black cherries. Its balanced flavour makes it a unique, recognisable wine.

  • Vine

    Pinot Nero

  • Vineyard location

    Municipality of Lavis

  • Exposure and altitude

    West; 380 m a.s.l.

  • Soil composition

    Clayey loam, fertile, well-drained, originating from sedimentary rocks (Werfenian siltsone)

  • Training system


  • Planting density

    6,600 vines per hectare

  • Vinification process

    Hand-picking in the first ten days of October, controlled-temperature fermentation in stainless steel tanks, ageing in French oak barriques for about 1 year before bottling.

  • Pairings

    Hot first courses such as porcini risotto and delicate second courses with white meats such as pepper sauce.

Technical sheet