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Vich Sauvignon

Vigneti delle Dolomiti IGT

Certain places exist, certain vineyards, where the perfect balance of soil, climate and vine is created, where it is possible to obtain grapes suited to the production of a great wine. Sauvignon blanc is an extremely demanding variety, with rather uncommon optimal conditions for obtaining high quality. The hills of Meano and Cembra Valley in Trentino are home to rare plots of land with the perfect synthesis of clay and dolomite rock, of the sun’s heat and fresh mornings, of care for the vineyard and slow ripening, giving rise to grapes suitable for the production of our Vich. Care, passion, maniacal attention and artisanal oenology are at the service of this extraordinary exemplar of wine-making, to exalt all its potential.

  • Vine

    Sauvignon Blanc

  • Vineyard location

    Giovo and Meano, Trentino

  • Exposure and altitude

    West, South-West; 400-500 m a.s.l.

  • Soil composition

    Various soils, lighter, terraced sediments, medium-deep gravel resting on compact porphyry rocks from Cembra Valley and more structured, clayey and fertile soils, for certain aspects colder than previous years in the area of Meano

  • Training system

    Guyot and Trentino simple pergola

  • Planting density

    4.500/5.500 vines/ha

  • Yield

    50 hl/ha

  • Vinification process

    The grapes are hand-picked into small containers at the end of September, and only picked when they are perfectly ripe to enhance the noblest of Sauvignon blanc aromas. Traditional pressing is carried out after a short period of cold maceration. The wine is aged for a long time in the cellar, guaranteeing natural and constant maturation on racks. Already starting in the fermentation phase, about 30% of this careful selection of Sauvignon blanc rests, matures and evolves in new French oak barrels. After about a year, the wine maturing in the steel and oak are combined, obtaining the cuvee Vich which only begins its journey in bottles after three months of further maturation in the cellar. The bottles are aged for at least another six months before being put on the market.


  • AWC Vienna 2017 - Silver

    Vintage 2015

  • 5 Star The Book 2017 - 92 PTS

    Vintage 2015

  • Drink Business - The Global Sauvignon Masters 2017 - Silver

    Vintage 2015

  • Guida Luca Maroni 2018 - 90 PTS

    Vintage 2015

  • Drink Business - The Global Sauvignon Masters 2018 - Silver

    Vintage 2016

  • Berliner Wein Trophy 2019 - Gold

    Vintage 2016

  • Guida Luca Maroni 2020 - 91 PTS

    Vintage 2017

  • Mundus Vini 2019 - Silver

    Vintage 2017

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