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Codros Cabernet Sauvignon

Trentino DOC

Selections from Cantina Lavis stem from the “wine zoning project” that has represented the Cantina’s underlying philosophy for over 30 years. These unique wines are products of excellence grown in selected areas, in particularly suitable vineyards. This Cabernet Sauvignon is the best expression of Lavis and Pressano vineyards, which are the typical zones where these vines are grown. Rich ruby in colour, it is complex to the nose, with notes of balsam and spice, which later turn to blueberry, mint and cardamom, and delicate hints of vanilla. The flavour is full and lingering. Soft tannins fully harmonise with fruity flavours and salty acidity, with a long, lingering finish.

  • Vine

    Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Vineyard location

    Municipality of Lavis, loc. Pressano

  • Exposure and altitude

    West, south-west; 380 m ASL

  • Soil composition

    Clayey loam, well-drained, fertile and deep

  • Training system

    Traditional: simple Trentino pergola

  • Planting density

    5,000 vines/hectare

  • Vinification process

    Manual harvesting in Mid-October, fermentation at controlled temperatures in stainless steel tanks, malolactic fermentation and ageing in French oak barriques for approximately 18 months before bottling, and further ageing in the bottle for a minimum of 10 months.


  • Mundus Vini 2017 - Gold

    Vintage 2013

  • The Wine Hunter Award 2017 - Red Stamp

    Vintage 2013

  • Guida Luca Maroni 2020 - 91 PTS

    Vintage 2015

  • Berliner Wine Trophy 2019 - Silver

    Vintage 2015

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