Le Selezioni

Greggi Lagrein

Trentino DOC

Greggi fully encompasses the desire to make a red wine of the hills through the pursuit of elegance, but with a strong fruity and fragrant component. The roots of the Lagrein vines penetrate different types of carefully selected soils, which generously give the grapes varying characteristics, complementary characteristics able to create an extraordinary balance. The warmth and softness of the light soils of Sorni marry the deeper and more vertical character of the heavy and clayey soils of Pressano. The ability to find harmony in these different components is extraordinary; the result is an important, decisive and exciting Lagrein.

  • Vine


  • Vineyard location

    Hills of Pressano and Sorni, Trentino

  • Training system

    Guyot and simple Trentino pergola

  • Yield

    45 hl/ha

  • Vinification process

    The grapes are hand-picked in early October. The different vineyards are harvested and vinified together after a careful evaluation of the grapes’ ripeness.
    Traditional maceration with light pumping over and delicate punching down. The wine takes a long, varied route: part of the Greggi rests in small French oak barrels and part in large wooden barrels. Only time and the evolution of the wine itself decide the best moment for bottling, which generally takes place at least 30 months after harvesting. The wine passes at least another six months in bottles before put on the market.


  • Guida Luca Maroni 2020 - 94 PTS

    Vintage 2016

  • Mundus Vini 2020 - Silver

    Vintage 2016

  • Luca Maroni Annuario Migliori Vini D’Italia 2020 - 92 PTS

    Vintage 2015

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