Storie di vite

Müller Thurgau Brut

Vino Spumante Brut

Müller Thurgau Storie di Vite is made using consolidated techniques for the prise de mousse, in which tradition and innovation come together to create a crisp and elegant sparkling wine. Made with Müller Thurgau grapes harvested in selected hill vineyards around the village of Lavis, this Spumante is characterised by a pale straw yellow colour with greenish highlights and by its fine and particularly elegant and seductive aromatic quality, reminiscent of herbs such as sage and thyme, and featuring floral scents of lily of the valley and hawthorn. The dry and persistent flavour, with a pleasantly tart note in the finish, is enriched by a delicate and delightfully tempting perlage.

  • Grape variety


  • Production zone

    Colline Avisiane and Valle di Cembra

  • Exposure and altitude

    South-east and south-west; 300-350 m above sea level.

  • Soil composition

    Loam, sandy-loam, of porphyritic origin

  • Training system

    Guyot and simple Trentino pergola

  • Plant density

    5,000 vines / ha

  • Vinification

    Harvested by hand in the second ten days of September. Temperature controlled fermentation in stainless steel tanks,
    ageing on lees for approximately three months, prise de mousse and a short period on yeasts before bottling.

Technical sheet