Maso Franch

Maso Franch

Vigneti delle Dolomiti Igt

Once upon a time, an old farmstead guarded a magnificent, unspoilt environment. Today that farmstead is surrounded by a natural ecosystem which is home to the vines that produce this wine. Organic agricultural techniques are employed in the vineyard: this is the ideal situation for the vine to grow and live, with an excellent vegetative and productive balance. Maso Franch reveals the noble vocation of the agricultural ecosystem.

Maso Franch is bright golden yellow in colour with evident green highlights. Its mineral aromas are a prelude to more fruity, citrusy scents. The evolution in the glass is continuous and intriguing, featuring flint and slightly smoky notes that complete the olfactory sensations. In the mouth it has an imposing structure and great depth. Broad and tight, with an evident saline component that caresses the palate.

  • Vine

    Manzoni Bianco Incrocio 6.0.13

  • Cultivation area

    Maso Franch (Giovo)

  • Exposure and altitude

    South; 350 m s.l.m.

  • Soil composition

    The porphyry soil is situated on fluvioglacial deposits from the Quaternary period and is characterised mainly by sandy loam, rich in carbonates, fertile, of average depth and quite well drained. Organic agricultural techniques are employed in the vineyard.

  • Training system


  • Yield

    40 hl/ha

  • Vinification process

    The perfect time for harvest is established by testing the grapes in the vineyard. Only when fragrance and salinity are joined by ripe and sweet sensations is the grape harvested by hand into small crates. After soft pressing and slow fermentation, the wine begins its long journey inside the cellar: an extremely rational and artisan procedure in which each passage undergoes meticulous assessment. The wine spends at least 24 months on its own lees, part in steel and part in small barrels made of French oak. Minimal racking, lots of patience and constant tasting allow this wine to express all the potential of a unique and extraordinary territory. Only after spending several months ageing in the bottle is Maso Franch ready to be uncorked.

  • Food match

    Fish dishes – in particular crustaceans – first courses based on vegetables.

  • Alcohol content

    14% ABV

  • Serving temperature

    10° – 12°


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