The winery bears a name and logo that reflect its links with the land and its ancient wine-making traditions. Like the town it lies in, it takes its name from the Avisio River, cascading from the surrounding peaks with all the energy of the spectacular natural landscape that Vis, the Latin word for strength that forms part of that name, so aptly describes.

The logo takes inspiration from a decorative element that has always been present in the company and bears a highly symbolic value: a wooden bas-relief celebrating the founding of the winery in 1948 which represents the coats of arms of the municipalities of Lavis, Giovo and Meano, the very first protagonists in the association’s establishment. A timeless brand of great strength that puts the Winery and its founding values at the centre: cooperation, history and the bond with the territory.

The Lavis wine-makers cooperative traces its origins to 1850, when the Cembran family built the initial core of the current production unit. It was officially formed in 1948 by 14 independent wine-makers and grew in the years that followed, due partly to acquisitions of other producers, including mergers with the Salorno Cooperative of South Tyrol in 1969 and Cantina Sociale di Cembra in 2003.